Import Your Foursquare badges and View Top Foursquare Players

December 3, 2009

A couple of cool new features have been added to Osnapz in the last few weeks, all related to the red hot foursquare site. Check them out if you’re not already familiar with their site.

You can now register and sign in with your existing foursquare account, using OAuth, which means as usual, Osnapz will never have access to any of your private login information. Or if you’re already an Osnapz member and want to add your foursquare account, head over the ‘social sites’ tab in your member account to add foursquare. Once added, all your existing foursquare badges will be imported into Osnapz!

There’s also a new list of top foursquare players, so you can see who’s got the most friends and mayorships. You can view all players across cities, or select the city you’re interested in. BTW, this list was heavily inspired by Twitterholic. The list is updated randomly many times a day, so if you think you should be on the list but don’t see your name, be patient, or you can message me at @getosnapz on Twitter and I can add you.

More new foursquare features are in the works as well, so check back soon!


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