LinkedIn, YouTube and Your Social Media Experience Level

December 31, 2009

As promised, some cool new features have been added to Osnapz during the holidays.  Some of them have been out for a little while now and lots of you have been using them already, but here’s the recap.

  • LinkedIn has been added!  Existing users may now link their LinkedIn account on the “social sites” tab.  New users have the option of registering with their LinkedIn account.  Either way, once you link it, you can then use the LinkedIn button to sign-in to Osnapz.  There aren’t currently any LinkedIn achievement badges yet, but I’ll soon get some badges up for # of recommendations and connections.  You LinkedIn activity is being included in your social media experience points.  See the “experience” tab for details.
  • YouTube has been re-added.  After a brief disappearance, YouTube is back as a supported site.  As usual, you can add YouTube on the “social sites” tab or register and login using the YouTube button.  There are currently 2 different sets of YouTube achievement badges, and your YouTube activity is included in your experience points and level.
  • New experience points and level.  Your quantifiable social media activity is now being rewarded points, which will determine your social media experience level.  Simple activities (such as posting a tweet) are worth fewer points than more difficult tasks (such as uploading a video or getting a recommendation).  The idea is that the more social media activities you perform, the greater your social media experience is.  You social media level increases as you gain more points, with each successive level being more difficult to obtain.  You can see full details of your experience points in your account on the new “experience” tab.  A summary of your points and level is also now displayed in your account dashboard as well as your public profile.  Check the home page to see some example screenshots if you’re not yet a member.

One Response to “LinkedIn, YouTube and Your Social Media Experience Level”

  1. Web Laureate Says:

    so glad i will finally be rewarded for my life on linked in — thank you for finally giving that app purpose 😉 wrote a little about my experience with osnapz thus far –

    hope u like it

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